CVD World Monitor

The World Heart Federation CVD World Monitor visualizes country-by-country data to track performance against the WHO Global Action Plan (GAP) Targets, in order to measure progress towards our 25by25 goal: a 25% reduction in premature mortality caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, by 2025.

This interactive tool also highlights where there is an absence of robust data, supporting the World Heart Federation's global policy call on governments to strengthen monitoring and surveillance of CVD. We will be continually updating this tool with new data and to show other health indicators with a focus on CVD.

The map views below show relative and absolute data for each WHO GAP Target: click on the icons to the left to change between targets. There is no relative data for the premature mortality target as insufficient data is available, so we cannot accurately portray % change.

The relative data is the ratio between the indicator at baseline year and most current year. We have only reported relative changes when we have indicators for at least a four-year period gap. All percentages are rounded up or down to the nearest decimal point.

More about the CVD World Monitor
Please note that smaller island countries may not be visible on the map until magnified.

% population aged 30-70 who died of CVD in 2012

  1. <5%
  2. 5% - 9.9%
  3. 10% +
  4. No Data

Limited data available

We are unable to generate an increase/reduction due to limited data.

We will update this as and when new data is available.

Click on a country to view the absolute % data by year.